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Hello and welcome  

Thank you for visiting www.tstwsys008.com, the place where, we assist TSTW SYS 008 traders in mastering the TSTW SYS 008.

We believe that, without integrity, there is no future and we hold this value very high.  We trade currencies, stocks and indexes. Our trading tool is the powerful TSTW SYS 008.

There are five TSTW:  TSTW24,  TSTW SYS 08, TSTW SYS 008, TSTW SYS 0008TSTW SYS 00008.  TSTW stands for:  Trading Systems That Work.  Apart from the TSTW, we also use SWING240 trading system, a Day-Swing Trading system.

Each tool has been tested and retested in live real time trading with real money.  They are resilient in this messy market.  They can stand the heat of risks management and the pressure of excellent entry decisions.  Though trading systems do not trade for traders, they are important and empower traders.

Disciplined traders with valid trading tools are able to make excellent trading decisions.  On one hand trading is training and you will not trade like a pro just because you have a professional trading tool.   On the other hand, those with valid trading tools and who seriously learn to master them will enjoy their trading.  The most important trading tool is you.  

Our integrity is important to us and we will defend it like mad dogs. We are not prepared to compromise our integrity for greed or dishonesty purposes.  We strongly understand that, the time has come to give to traders, tools that work.  The aim is always to do better today than yesterday and we will continue to focus on that.  Many traders can perfectly trade and they know that. However, they continue to lose consistently and abundantly because they do not trade like a pro or use crazy useless trading tools.

Our intention is to assist and educate serious traders and to build a new team of traders that are willing to trade like a pro.   That is all.

Last thing to remember is: as a trader, your first priority is to control, manage risk and to protect your trading capital. Never compromise on that.  We wish you the very best in your trading and until the next time, enjoy yourself and be very happy.


TSTW team